Hello, you dense righties

Yes, Ott Scerb here. Famous professor, expert on international relations, and much, much smarter than you.

With my godlike powers of political science, I intend to occasionally post things here that are too long or don’t fit into the QandO comment section. I’ll explain, for example, why Iraq is the biggest foreign policy disaster in US history, and how the violence is going to increase there any day now, and now Sadr won over Maliki.

I’ll also be fellating, sorry, make that praising, Obama’s policies. No matter what they are. Or even if they change from day to day, they’re still perfect. Because the holy writ of post-modernism tells us so.

Must go for now. Eager students are writing essays that I must grade, and it’s not either true that they must agree with me completely or I’ll give them a bad grade. Though certainly I take into account their reasoning skills, and expressing any right-wing opinions would be evidence that they don’t have good ones. But you know how it is.


10 Responses to Hello, you dense righties

  1. ottscerb says:

    I wonder if my picture will show up when I leave a comment.

  2. clay waters says:

    OK, this is pretty funny. It’s the pic that clinches it.

  3. John Doe says:

    yOU. crUSSHED. sCOTT “THe maGNIFICENT in his oWN miND” ERb. Sorry to state the obvious, but “I decree it.”

  4. JWG says:

    Did you know that Erb is about to ban a commenter at his blog for “pontificating”?

    • JWG says:

      Oh, it’s in the “Carter the Prophet” post.

      Yes, you read that right.

      • ottscerb says:

        Well, when someone engages in ad hominems, they deserve to be banned. And an ad hominem is any time some disagrees with my obviously correct interpretation. It’s a simple matter of post-modern thought that we wise leftists get to define such things. Suck on it, dense righties.

      • ottscerb says:

        By the way, are you implying that Carter is not a wise and beneficent prophet and the greatest president in our lifetimes? How could you possibly do that? Just because there was high inflation, high unemployment, and stratospheric interest rates during his administration? Why, that’s typical partisan thinking!

        It’s clear that Carter was right, about everything. I decree it. And Reagan was the source of our current problems. I decree that too. And don’t start bringing up the fact that he inherited the worst economy since WWII, and then fixed it for 25 years of low inflation growth, and then was re-elected in a landslide! That’s not fair! Because he lowered taxes, you see, and if he had just kept them high and soaked the rich and kept the deficit down, everything would have been just peachy. Don’t you get it? What do you mean, that’s contrary to the laws of economics? It’s not either! I decree it. Besides its part of the holy writ of post-modernism, but of course you dense righties are unable to comprehend the beauty and elegance of pomo.

  5. mjwadeesq says:

    Well this should be fun.


  6. me again says:

    Love it. Best wishes to the good Dr.

  7. Preston Babcock Jr. says:

    boy you got nurve callin thes e so called presadents good ones. You friggin bleedin hart liberals [piss me off. Don’ tlook down your frekin nose at me with panty waist thinking and yourt dope smoking though t processess. Why don’t you tryrunnin a frekin backho for a godd dog livin instead of teachin a bunch of low lifes how to be a scumsuckker.

    Git off your high horse and quit taking the low road.

    Preston Babcock Jr

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